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5 Best Sulphate-Free Shampoos

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Tough on grease with plenty of bonus benefits. Switching to a sulfate-free shampoo is the move for most hair types since they’re color-safe and preserve natural hair oils.

Although the lack of harmful sulfates reduces lather from forming, which makes it harder for natural products to remove dirt and oil.

Here’s a list of sulfate free shampoos that actually do what they say- and a lot more.

1. For smoother strands; opt for BB Hairdresser’s invisible oil. Don’t let the idea of putting extra oil on your greasy roots stop you from trying this best selling shampoo.


2. For dry damaged hair; nothing comes close to smelling as fresh and fragrant as Kevin Murphy’s Hydrate-Me wash. Blame the plum and bergamot extract for the fruity aromas in this one.


3. For thinning hair; you don’t have to be a routine high ponytail offender to enjoy the benefits of anti-thinning shampoo. Alterna Haircare Caviar Clinical Daily Detox shampoo encourages thicker hair growth while keeping hair primed against heat damage.


4. For itchy scalp; Gentle Herb Shampoo is all about restoring hair health and calming scalp irritation. A miracle in a bottle indeed.


5. Pure bliss in a bottle. Giovanni’s hair care line always tops sulfate free hair care lists, ant its no small wonder why. Its excellent at cleansing and smoothing hair, and this one smells like lemon-y cake batter, to boot.

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