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5 Makeup Essentials Every Lady Should Have In Her Clutch

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Alo-ha beauty lovers, it’s another beautiful dewy morning to discuss beauty. We know that with all the makeup craze that has rocked us back and forth in the past months, we now have ladies who do not want to look so makeup-y. Don’t get this piece wrong hun, we love to have a goooood face beat but that doesn’t go with an everyday routine. on casual days, we should always opt for the most minimal look if not for anything, atleast for the sake of our skin. Well in our piece today, we would be talking about the top makeup products every lady should have in her clutch. Read on:

A Sheer Moisturizing Base

“It’s just common sense, really, to have healthy skin—better skin ultimately means a better base for makeup—so it’s always good to moisturize day and night. It could be as simple as organic coconut oil or as complicated as a fancy cream. Most people don’t really need foundation, and skin always looks more beautiful when you can see freckles and dark bits—you really shouldn’t cover up stuff that should be there.”

A Creamy Highlighter

“Highlighter is a very subtle way of enhancing the reflective qualities of the skin. It makes it look healthier, in a way, because it’s adding an element of glow or moisture. Madina is a really cool highlighter for the cheeks and cupid’s bow, but YSL Touche Éclat is another great highlighting tool for under your eyes. Let your dark circles shine through sis, but unless you don’t got the confidence to rock it in a killing way. It’s so much sexier, and people forget that a dark under-eye area can help balance out a dark eyebrow area. We are definitly not a fan of rabbit-in-the-headlights concealer up to the lash line!”

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Multitasking Mascara

“Of course, there’s something really appealing about long eyelashes, and mascara is a nice way to define the eye without using shadow. MAC has a great dual-ended one with a fine and a thick wand that makes it great for eyebrows, too—which is almost more important than eyelashes. We recommend you use the fine wand for buffing up the eyebrows to make them slightly thicker and more defined.”


A Classic Pen Liner

“The eyes are the windows to the soul—frame them well! A pen works for everyone except of course you aren’t into pencils, so we recommend you use a black one like YSL’s Effet Faux Cils.”

A Natural Lip Balm

“You can’t help but love any balm that’s natural—most of the time you end up licking it off, so we would rather wear something organic! You can also use lip balm around your eyes, on the lids, or on any dry areas. It’s another nice multitasker.”



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