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Best Fragrances For Women On A Budget

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Nothing completes your date night like a lovely fragrance. A new perfume adds that subtle, memorable twist on the night, without putting a dent on your wallet.

1. Midnight muse: This will remind you of what you would wear on a late night stroll with your special someone. It can easily become your daily go-to scent.

2. Pink Sugar: This is a popular fragrance for women of all ages, It’s a comforting fragrance, but in an energetic way. Keep this perfume in your clutch and roll it on your wrist or neck for a quick refresher.

3. Unconditional Love: If you prefer a fruity scent to a warm, sensual one, Unconditional Love would be a wise pick. This fragrance is made with lilies, so you’re getting that floral smell with a hint of clean freshness.

4. ROGUE: The pop star’s scent from 2013 was, and is still, truly a hit. You’ll love the fresh, yet seductive smell of Rogue. A combo of lemon, jasmine, and hint of vanilla make this a one-of-a-kind fragrance.

5. Happy Heart: This scent from Clinique is soothing, warm and just plain delicious. Think oranges and fresh cucumbers…the smell of spring!

6. DESIRE: If you’re looking for a statement perfume, this is it. The Dolce & Gabana perfume line-up is intense and heady, and this scent fits right in. You get citrus, with a hint of jasmine, plum and caramel. This fragrance will stay with you, all night long.

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