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Cute Hairstyles To Complement Your Summer Hats

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One of the downsides of wearing hats is that they aren’t compatible with certain hairstyles. It doesn’t matter whether you’re rocking a baseball cap, a floppy hat, or a fancy fascinator.

 So, instead of having your hat fight with your hairstyle, have them both compliment each other. Get inspired with these cute hairstyles that you can rock with your summer hats.

1. Don’t cover up those gorgeous curls. Show them off by scooping them into a pineapple bun towards the front of your head. Then wear a wide-brimmed hat on the back of your head.



2. Short and medium-haired ladies also need to consider how they’re styling their hair when they’re rocking hats. This tutorial gives you three different options.



3. That fishtail braid though. If you like to wear your hair down when you’re rocking a hat, try adding a little side braid.



4. Yup, you can still rock your double buns with your cap. Just make sure that they’re a lot lower on your head.



5. There are countless hairstyles you can experiment with when you’re wearing a baseball cap. This tutorial gives you three easy options.

6. Got a hat with a cutout in the back? Pull half of your locks through it while leaving the rest to hang underneath.

7. A low, tousled updo is brilliant with baseball caps. I am also obsessed with the long layers she has around her face.

8. There’s no need to make things overly complicated. A tousled ponytail plus a baseball cap equals hair goals.


9. This clever braid will turn anyone into a hat person. Make sure you don’t wear a top with a high collar or a hood. You wouldn’t want to cover up this updo.

10. This looks so, so cute. And it’s actually really easy to do. Divide your hair into pigtails and add hair elastics down the length of them. Then gently pull out each section.

11. You have two tousled hairstyles to choose from. The only question is what easy updo do you want to try first?

12. Half braids and half standard pigtails, these are so cute that you will wonder why you never thought to combine the two together before.


13. Is it a braid or is it a ponytail? It’s actually both, and it’s a super cute look.


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