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Five Lipstick Shades To Perfectly Match Your Mood(s)!

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Five Lipstick Shades To Perfectly Match Your Mood(s)!

by Fifunmi Osinubi.


The shade of your lipstick always has an impact on how you show the world your mood. The lip shade you wear makes a bold statement, it lets people understand how you’re feeling or rather, how you want to feel.

There is literally a new shade to try every single day because there is no lip shade that hasn’t been created. No outfit is complete without the perfect lip shade. Whether matte or glosses, here are 5 different lipstick shades to match your mood perfectly 😉



1468508964-nars-semi-matte-jungle-red-lipstick gabby-union



The classic red lipstick is timeless, if you’re feeling bold and dramatic try on the red lipstick shade for an elegant and timeless look.







If you always wear the same shade all the time, this would be the time to try something new, a shade you’ve never worn before. A shade of purple would be perfect. Either light or dark, depending on you lady!







A light shade should be perfect to match your flirty and romantic mood. Glossy lips would be perfect, a light nude shade should do, with a glossy finish.




  • HAPPY.



Oh happy day.

One of days when you’re in a happy go lucky mood and you feel on top of the world, a shade that isn’t “too much” would be perfect. A sheer shiny gloss would look amazing on your happy day.








A dark, light or pale (whichever you like!) pink matte lipstick would be perfect for a day you’re feeling very girly and feminine!

Pucker up your lips and strut girl!


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