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Go Grey Graciously

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Silver and grey hair has been a goal of 2017 for a lot of ladies, and we have seen this trend take over every style and trend list this year so we thought we’d throw together this little guide for those of you that are interested in doing the same thing.

Be sure that rocking this trend would come with its own rules and regulations as having to wear a good amount of makeup on to complement the look. It’s a pretty demanding colour, so make sure you’re ready to take on the responsibility! If you’ve never dyed or bleached your own hair or weave before, I recommend getting this done at a salon so you can be sure that it’s done properly. If you’re ready to take the plunge and do it on your own, keep reading.

Bleach, bleach, bleach!

Depending on your natural colour, you may have to do the lightening process multiple times. This process shouldn’t be taken lightly. You can seriously damage your hair or cause bleach burns if you mess up or don’t do proper research first.

It’s important that your hair reach the lightest possible level before attempting to go silver, which should resemble that of the inside of a banana peel. Be aware here that you’re going to be stripping down the colour of your existing hair, which can leave it brittle. I suggest stocking up on some deep conditioning treatments or leave in conditioners to aid in the repairing process and to leave your hair shiny instead of dull and dry. This below is a laid down process:

1. start out with the mixing bowl and mix about 3 tbsp bleaching powder with 3 tbsp of 30 volume developer until it’s smooth and like a buttery consistency.

2. section off the hair into 4 parts. Starting with the bottom back section, use the tint brush to apply the mixture, working your way around the bottom of the hair and finally up to the top.

3. cover your hair with head wrap or a shower cap to keep the bleach from drying out. If it dries out, it won’t work!

4. set your timer for 30 minutes and check on it often. The time will depend on your own hair and how well it takes. (remember the strand test?!)

5. When time is up, rinse it out with water and then apply a shampoo. This shampoo will help to tone out any brassiness after bleaching. Leave it on for about 15 minutes, then rinse out. You don’t have to do this step if you are also toning, but it helps a lot so you can do it. Do not apply conditioner if you are going to tone!! It will close up your cuticles and make it harder for the toner to penetrate if you are doing this on your hair.

6. Towel dry hair, and comb out tangles.

7. Mix toner with 20 volume developer as per the directions on the bottle. Apply to head and cover again, this time let it sit for about 20-30 minutes. Check on it often. You can test it by rinsing a tiny bit of it off your hair to see if it has worked.

8. Rinse hair and condition really well! You can do some hair conditioning masks afterwards as well to restore shine and moisture to your hair.


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