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Kylie Jenner’s eyeshadow palettes are giving people ‘chemical-induced’ headaches

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Kylie Jenner’s cosmetic company just keeps on going from strength to strength after launching a huge Valentine’s Day collection that sold out way before the 14th.But according to TMZ, not everyone is loving Kylie Cosmetics. In fact her Royal Peach Eyeshadow palette is literally causing quite the stink.1487000300-kylie-cosmetics-peach-palette

At least 15 people filed complaints within the past 2 weeks with the Better Business Bureau, claiming they smelled “chemicals and glue” when opening Kylie’s Royal Peach Eyeshadow Palette.kylie jenner

Customers described the odor as “spray paint” or “paint thinner,” and one said it stunk so bad she put the whole package outside her house. There’s also at least one complaint of the makeup causing “a horrible headache.”kylie

The BBB tells us Kylie Cosmetics launched an investigation immediately and found an adhesive in the packaging was causing the smell. Kylie’s company insists it’s safe to use … according to the BBB.


Photo Credit: @kyliecosmetics, @kyliejenner, Google images

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