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Male Grooming for a Shoot

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Are you a man and you are worried about how to groom for a photo shoot? Well, here’s how to achieve a great makeup look as shown to us by Dave Sucre.

IMG_3528 1….Clean face with a facial wipe or baby wipe.

IMG_3537 2…Moisturise the face and prime with a mattifying face primer.

IMG_3547 3….Use a concealer under the eye to eliminate dark circles.

IMG_3554 4….Powder the entire face to even out skin tone and eliminate shine.

IMG_3542 5….Brush the brows to keep them well arranged.

IMG_3575 6….Brush hair properly with a hair brush or an old toothbrush.

IMG_3579 7….Comb or brush beards with either a comb, hair brush or old toothbrush depending on the length and texture of hair.

IMG_3563  8….Apply very little lip balm to eliminate dryness. Make sure it’s not too much so that your lips don’t look glossy.

IMG_3589  9….Use your favorite make-up setting spray to set the entire face and add a little moisture to the skin leaving it looking dewy and healthy.

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