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Scrubs And Exfoliators Gentle Enough For Everyday Use

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Scrubs And Exfoliators Gentle Enough For Everyday Use

We all know the healthy glow that a good facial scrub or exfoliator can help us achieve. However, if you use certain products too often, you could end up doing more harm than good. To get all the benefits of exfoliating without doing a number on your skin, try out one of these  scrubs and exfoliators that are gentle enough to use daily.

St. Ives Gentle Apricot Scrub

The classic St. Ives face scrub gets a facelift with an extra-mild formula. Even the most sensitive skin can benefit from this apricot exfoliator, which gently removes dull skin to reveal a smoother and more radiant complexion.


Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant

Upon contact with water, this rice-based powder exfoliant from Dermalogica activates to help remove dead skin cells and leave your face looking calm, clear, and bright. The blend of green tea, ginkgo, and colloidal oatmeal makes it a refreshing face exfoliator to use every day


Burt’s Bees Citrus Facial Scrub

Not only does Burt’s Bees Citrus Facial Scrub leave behind a refreshing and energizing scent, but its gentle formula means you don’t have to worry about how often you should exfoliate your face. Just massage, rinse, and go.


Neutrogena Deep Clean Gentle Scrub

This face scrub from Neutrogena is specially formulated for sensitive skin. The lather gets deep down into pores to remove blemish-causing substances while still being kind to your skin. And the price makes it easy on your wallet, too.




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