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Trendiest Nail-Dos For 2017

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Nail art has been popping up everywhere this season. This next level art is stealing all our attention, from the fur-adorned nails to the Instagram-beloved mirrored talons, leaving us mesmerized and gawking.
Here are a few of the trendiest designs we’ve sought out.

1. Furry Nails: Perhaps it was the chilly temps of winter that inspired the faux fur. You can get this by painting each nail with Cream Puff shade then glue with High-gloss top coat.


2. Pom Pom Nails: From Popsicle sticks and glue guns to cheeky manicures with fuzzy balls. We all love the one-pom-pom-on-a-statement-nail approach.




3. Mirrored Nails: From foil decals to shiny silver polish, mirror-like finishes are cropping up all over.




4. Glass Nails: The trend is just getting started. You can make your nails as statement-making or pared down as you like with this design.




5. Nasty Nails: In search of an unorthodox statement? Here’s one from Hood by Air. the nail artists opted to make digits look dirty with a filthy wash of color and grime under the fingernails, but we don’t recommend this technique for date night.


6. Aquarium Nails: Also known as Mermaid nails, this trend really hit its stride this year. The style entails a double-paned acrylic with liquid and lots of sparkly things.

Image result for aquarium nails

The effect? A swirling snow globe of glitter that’s covered with even more sparkly things and glitter and crystals.


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