3 Ridiculous Beauty Trends We Can’t Wait To See Die

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3 Ridiculous Beauty Trends We Can’t Wait To See Die

We know beauty is all about choosing what looks on best you, while finding a way to push boundaries and dip into the unknown. But we must say, like Frankenstein’s Monster, not all beauty trends are meant to be brought to life. We usually find ourselves loving what new looks we see on the runways and on the faces of our icons, but we simply cannot agree with these three looks. Feel free to judge them out for yourself, but we’re pretty convinced that once you get a look at these, you’ll be just as eager to dismiss them as we are.

First up is the Pom Pom Makeup Trend

pom pom makeupp

We don’t know if it’s just us, but we looked the other way when people introduced pomp poms on clothing, on accessories, and on jewelry. But now the latest trend is pom pom makeup and we just absolutely have to put our foot down on this trend. It’s a total no from us.

Next, we have the Feathered Brows Trend

feather brows

After we spent hours carving out our brows and basically trying to learn to arch them perfectly, you really mean to tell us that the newest trend in brows is making them look disheveled? Yeah, we’re not buying it.

Third trend we can’t stand is the Crown Eyeshadow

crown eyeshdow

We can understand that every girl wants to look and feel like a princess, but this definitely doesn’t seem like the way to bring out your Cinderella tendencies to us. We really aren’t feeling this look.

Do yourselves a favour if you’ve been trying out these trends, get rid of them.


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