5 Best Nail Colors for Work

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Being in a corporate environment with strict dress codes can sometimes dampen one’s sense of style, but hang on, that doesn’t mean you actually have to forget to have ANY sort of style! Nails especially can be pretty tricky. You want to look well-groomed and still have a bit of fun and look chic without compromising your serious corporate style. So, here are my tips on the best office nails.

First up, remember that no matter what shades you end up choosing, having well-groomed nails is a definite must. Make sure they are of even length, cuticles are gorgeously well-kept and your hands are nicely moisturised. These can be easily achieved when you have it done regularly – file in one direction, use cuticle oil to groom your cuticle and ALWAYS moisturise your hands after washing them!


Now, here are some of the best nail polish colors for work:

French Manicure.


While you can keep it simple and just paint on some clear nail polish, why not go one step further and go for the classic French Manicure. The style is simple, clean cut, chic as well as classy.


Nude Nailsnude nails

Without doubt, nude is the best nail polish color for job interview. However, it depends on your skin tone to match the best shade. Go one shade darker than the shade of your nail bed. This not only give you an elegant style but, if you’re pressed for time on having to re-do your manicure, no one will be able to see the re-growth unless they actually look closely at your hands.


Greyish Blue and Taupe

nail 2

These shades are perfect for the colder, darker months. Taupe will give you a nice hint of colour yet it’s still subtle enough for work environment. Think the famous Essie Chinchilly or Nails Inc Porchester.



If you prefer dark and red shades, terracota would be your first choice for the corporate environment. While dark plum, wine or bright red polishes look beautiful they are not suitable for the office unless it’s Friday.


Soft Pinks and Lavender


In Spring and Summer, soft pastel shades would go really well with whatever you’re wearing. Avoid Barbie pink and neon, however. Lavender adds some interesting colour yet is still mild enough not to generate too much attention to your nails. Office nails are all about having a nice put-together look on the whole, without generating focus just on your nails.

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