5 ways to reduce scar tissue

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Scars are your bodies natural response to a wound or cut. It is a part of the bodies natural healing process, closing up the tear in any part of the skin to protect the body from germs and bacteria. However the rapid production of collagen after an injury makes the scar tissue appear raised and bumpy, which sometimes affects our self-confidence and also how we are seen by people.

Scar treatment gels and serums can and do help reduce the size of the scar tissue but they can be very pricey and unavailable sometime. The 5 home remedies listed below are not only inexpensive, but the are also a natural way to minimize the scars appearance.

1. COCONUT OIL: Whether taken orally or applied directly on the affected area, coconut oil improves the elasticity of the skin, making the scar blend in over time. Apply some coconut oil on the scar and gently massage until it is fully absorbed, try not to apply to much as this could cause irritations. Do this 2-3 times a day.

2. APPLE CIDER VINEGAR: Apple cider vinegar boasts numerous health benefits, from a detoxifier to being able to lower blood sugar and cholesterol. It is also effective in reducing the appearance of scars by exfoliating the skin. Apply it on the scar and leave for about 20mins before washing off. Apply twice a day.

3. ALOE VERA: Aloe vera is a go-to remedy for soothing burns and insect bites. It is an emollient that softens the skin, making it more elastic which in turn helps reduce the scar over time. Massage aloe vera gel directly to the scar and leave for about 15 minutes before washing off. Do this about 3 times a day.

4. LEMON JUICE: Lemon juice is a bleaching agent because it contains alpha hydroxy acids (AHA) that remove dead skin cells making the scars less visible. They are also rich in vitamin c which stimulates collagen production and helps in the regeneration of skin. Apply onto the affected area and rinse off after 10 minutes. Do this twice daily.

5. HONEY: Honey contains antibacterial properties that speed up wound healing. It is remarkable in skin regeneration and prevents the formation of excess collagen, which causes that bumpy looking scar. Apply raw honey onto the scar and massage for about 1 hour before rinsing off. Do this twice a week

It is good to note that there are no instant results, all these natural remedies take time and consistency to work. A difference would be noticed after 1-3 months of persistent use.

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