7 Beauty Products In Your Kitchen

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Hidden away in your kitchen cabinets and fridges are vast treasures of natural beauty ingredients that could instantly transform your skin and hair.

Here’s some expert advice on how to include them in your beauty regime. And the best thing is, they are completely chemical-free and won’t tug on your purse strings.

1. Coconut oil can remove your make-up

1. Tomato is known to obliterate blackheads. Rub a tomato slice over the corner of the nose and other areas prone to blackheads.

2Virgin Coconut Oil is one of the most effective oils in treating skin ailments and allergies. Psoriasis, eczema, and pigmentation, all find a remedy in Virgin Coconut Oil. It is an excellent moisturizer and a night repair treatment.

3. Rubbing a raw potato slice over the eyes can help reduce dark circles.

4. Cucumber is a good cooler and a cleanser. Cucumber juice is also a great astringent. Just dab it on before you leave the house to venture into the sunny outside.

5. Add a teaspoon of olive oil to a warm bath during harmattan to prevent the skin from drying. Olive oil mixed with egg and lemon juice is a time tested face mask for younger and firmer skin.

6Salt, sugar, oatmeal, crushed almond, and gram flour, make for excellent scrubs. Mix with some cleansing cream or simply with milk or yogurt. Scrub the face in a gentle circular motion for removing dead skin cells.

7. Grind a handful of almonds into a paste with a tiny bit of coconut oil and massage (gently) onto your face. Splash with warm water for smooth supple skin.


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