7 tips for thicker & healthier hair!

Keep the natural bounce in your hair, with these simple tips:

1.  Lay off the heat.  Blow drying and flat ironing works wonders to straighten and smooth your hair, but the trade off is loss of volume.  Try roller setting your hair instead, it is healthier for your tresses than using heat plus it helps the hair appear fuller and thicker.  In addition, you can achieve several different looks by setting your hair:  straight and bouncy by using large rollers and doing the silk wrap method, tousled and wavy with medium sized rollers or curly and springy with flexirods or straw sets.

2.  Use castor oil.  This is an age old treatment for hair growth and thickening. I am not sure exactly how or why it works, but several ladies on BHM have reported (with picture proof) longer, thicker hair growth by treating their scalps to a daily “greasing” with castor oil, sometimes accompanied with a scalp massage  healthier

3.  Try clip ins.  Even the fullest heads of hair may not have the glamorous look that extensions can give.  Clip ins are an awesome solution because they are temporary and cause zero damage when used properly.  Take care when applying and removing the clips, the combs can cause breakage if you are not gentle.  Also do not wear them every day or too often in the same locations.  I also would discourage sleeping with clip in pieces as the combs and clips could cause breakage as you move in your sleep and lie against your pillow.

4.  Snip your ends.  You would be amazed at the difference a good trim can make in the appearance of your hair.  If the last two inches of your hair is noticeably thinner than the rest it can make your entire head of hair look thin and wispy.  Just let that hair go and instantly your hair will appear thicker and fuller.

5. Vitamin supplementation. There are many vitamins beneficial for hair growth.  Biotin is a popular option.  To find more information about biotin, read my article here.  Other vitamins known to help with thickness are MSM, Iron, and Vitamin D.

6.  Low manipulation & protective styling.  This helps to avoid breakage.  Hair that breaks mid shaft or near the root will cause your hair to be thinner.  It is just mathematics – breakage equals less hair throughout the length, which means the hair is not as dense.  This will cause the hair to be thinner.  By doing low manipulation and protective styling you will reduce or eliminate hair breakage.

7.  Avoid chemicals.  Even as a woman with relaxed hair, I recommend limiting your chemicals to achieve fuller hair.  That can involve anything from transitioning to natural hair to stretching your relaxers beyond your normal touch-up threshold.  This also applies coloring, keratin treatments and permanent curls.  I definitely would not recommend double processing (using two chemicals on your hair, i.e. relaxing and coloring or BKT and bleaching) if you are concerned about thin hair.