Are You Spraying it Right?

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We all know how delicate perfume is both in our personal grooming and then application; from choosing the right kind for your gender and age to properly applying it so it lasts as long as it’s supposed to, so whether you are shopping, applying or storing; we have guidelines and tips for you below:

  • Blotters: Spray the blotters at a distance  and wait  ideally 30 seconds before smelling the blotter, the fragrance’s alcohol has time to evaporate.
  • Distance: Avoid putting the blotter too close to the nose; it will affect how you smell the other perfumes you’re trying, waving it in front of your nose is better,
  • Patience: Wait a while after spraying to ascertain, because when you first spray it, it’s not representative of how it’s going to smell on you all day long.
  • Test on your skin: Don’t just use blotters to try fragrance, you need to spritz it on your skin, that’s the only way for you to check that the fragrance won’t change on you and also that the fragrance is really long lasting.
  • Pulse points: Although spraying perfume on your hair or clothes will spread the scent when you’re walking around, applying it to your pulse points which are behind your ears, base of throats, inside wrists. inside elbows and mid arms is ideal; because the skin is thin in these areas.
  • Don’t rub your wrists: This may seem like the classic way to put your perfume on, but it’s the worst possible technique. “It can actually break the molecules and change the scent,” said Stéphanie. “Always touch one wrist against the other delicately.”


  • Stay out of the bathroom: According to Stéphanie, there are three enemies to perfume: light, heat, and oxygen. Bathrooms are hotbeds (literally) of light and heat. Every time you shower, your bathroom gets steamy, then cools off. “Fragrance is like a good wine — it has to be maintained at a low temperature and no differences of temperature.”
  • Keep things dark: If it’s your everyday fragrance, you don’t need to keep it in the dark, store fragrances in  a cabinet when you’re not using them.
  • Chill out: If the fragrance is really special, keep it in its box in the fridge. Keeping the fragrance in a dark, cool space will slow its breakdown.


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