Bad Beauty Habbits Harmful To Skin

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Do you know that using the cotton fabric to cleanse the face is very comfortable yet it’s bad for your face because it soaks in sweat? There are certain things we do that seems Innocent but they are really harmful. There are of cause the very obvious bad skin care routine and choices made like smoking, sleeping with make-up on, and not drinking the enough water but there are also some things we do that we of cause have no idea how harmful it is to our skin.

Like the case of using the cotton fabric, if you use this for more than a week before washing it, be sure that bacteria’s have crawled into your pores. A better option is using the silk fabric because it contains anti-microbial properties that keep the bacteria’s on standstill.

If you are one of those that use a wash cloth instead of a sponge then hear this, a wet wash cloth is the breathing zone for bacterial therefore it is better to get a pack of ten wash clothes for extras and use them each a day before you wash and dry and continue usage.

Exfoliating your skin is very important but over scrubbing your skin would end up causing more damage than good. Note avoid hard defoliants go for products that are soft like blue beads.

Beauty sleep is a real cliche because when we sleep for the stated 8 hrs our body produces more collagen and then it rejuvenates but we can’t always sleep for 8 hrs so 7 hrs would work well. Note this pulling all-nighters makes you older.

Our makeup brushes pick up oil, bacteria and dead skin cells every time we use it, so re-using the same dirty stuff over and over without washing would cause damage to our skin. Wash the brushes at least once a week.

Resist the urge to swipe your face when you are at the gym on a treadmill, Keep your hands away from your face at the gym because that the spot for bacteria’s.

Skipping the vitamin packed salad would do you no good, remember your body needs all the vitamins it can get to remain firm and fresh. Add salads to your lunches or use as your dinner and your skin would thank you.

Well this are the bad skin habits you need to stop asap, take note and infuse them into your beauty regimen.

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