Beautybox Men: Beard Grooming Tips

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1. Be Patient: A truly epic beard is the product of self-restraint. When you first start growing, resist the urge to trim or style, and leave it untouched for the first 4-6 weeks. This will allow the hairs to grow in evenly (some grow faster than others), and help you pick a style that suits its length and thickness.

2. Make your beards match your face: Like any wild animal, a beard should be in-tune with its surrounding environment. Consult this handy chart after the first month of growth, and choose a final style that complements your face shape.
3.Know when and how to trim: Trimming is essential to a well-groomed beard—even if you plan on growing it out. Invest in a quality trimmer, and find the right technique to suit your master plan. 
4. Train your beard: A regular trim will maintain your chosen shape, but it’s not the only way to keep your beard in line. A daily usage of a comb or brush will loosen stubborn hairs, training them to grow in a downward direction. 
5.Remember the mustache: Growing an epic beard also means growing a mustache. To keep it looking neat, trim the area  under your nose with a pair of grooming scissors, and keep it naturally sculpted with a medium-hold wax.

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