Best Way To Conceal Dark Circles

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Okay, Beauty Box  has again done some research for the sake of our dear readers complaining about Dark Circles in their eyes. So, we made some finding on the best ways to tackle that Before applying anything else first start by moisturizing the dark circle, as its really important that your under eyes are moist. Dark circles have a bluish grey undertone so to combat this you need to use a opposite color on the color wheel which is orange.

For ladies with dark skin a dark peach or orange color would work right and for fair skin a light medium peach color would be fine. the color of the concealer has to be one or two shades darker than your normal skin color as that way it would hide the dark circles .

Apply the concealer and make sure it covers the dark circle completely. Note that your under eye would appear orangy, not to worry it would all blend.

Next stop is to conceal, but a lot of women don’t like concealer because they feel its too heavy for their face. Instead of a concealer you can use foundation as your concealer. if you use cream then lightly build up so that it would have more concealing ability but if its a liquid foundation squeeze a tiny portion onto your hand and let it oxidize as the longer it is exposed to air , the more concentrated it becomes and you can use as a concealer that way.

Now if you don’t use foundation then use a concealer with the same color as your skin tone. apply it under your eye where you applied the darker concealer and then pat with your finger or with a foam, this  act would blend in with the darker orangy shade concealer and it would appear more natural,take time to pat so you wont swipe the concealer underneath.

If you feel you can still spot the dark circles then brighten it up with a lighter color of concealer, place a few dots under your eye and then use a soft dome brush to blend in.

Finish off  by applying face powder using a thin sponge and applying it in the T Zone and under the eyes or you can skip this by applying a matte eye-shadow two shades lighter than your skin. use the soft dome brush to apply a thin layer under the eyes just to set the concealer and prevent it from creasing through out the day.

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