Biggest Brow Mistakes To Avoid

Women tend to imagine what brow shape they want to create, instead of having a good look at their face structure. Here, how to avoid some of the biggest brow blunders and make the most of what you got.

Unruly Arches

Bold, feathery brows are in, but unkempt is an adjective you never want associated with your arches. If your brow hairs are extending every which way, you need a game plan for controlling them.

And it’s not what you’d expect. “You may think that the best way to tame unruly brows is to trim them into shape, and while you’re not completely wrong, you’re also not.

Too Dark

Brows should make an impact and frame your features, but filling them in coloring book-style can lead to arches that are more Groucho Marx than glamorous. A light hand and short strokes with a freshly sharpened pencil make a world of difference in terms of the drama level, but using the right colour is also key. Opting for a hue that’s slightly lighter than your strands.

Overdrawn Arch

Thinking outside the box is great…unless you’re talking about your brows. The arch is one area where staying relatively inside the lines and not straying too far outside your natural shape with a pencil (or sin of all sins: tweezers) is crucial—otherwise, you run the risk of looking permanently surprised.

To map out where your brow should begin, peak, and end, hold a pencil vertically against the bridge of your nose to find the starting point. Pivot the pencil diagonally across the center of your eye so that the crayon lines up with the edge of your iris—this is where your brow should arc. Lastly, line up the pencil with the edge of your nostril and tilt the point past the outer corner of your eye to determine where your tail should stop. “We each have a little bit of wiggle room within these guidelines. Brows can start a little closer than the edge of your nose; your arch can come a little higher if you like; and always keep your ends long.

The makeup pro notes that you can fake a more pronounced peak by using a pencil to “cheat it a little higher, leading up to and through the arch. But to make the new proportions believable, you *must* balance it out by extending the tail out “a little further than natural.” We won’t tell if you don’t.

Droopy Tail

A brow that points down in the direction of your earlobe makes the face look sad and saggy. Consider Maybelline’s Brow Precise Pencil like Prozac for your arches and use it to extend your tail up and out toward your temple, he says. Define the tail end first using short, hair-like strokes that begin at the base of your brow. Then, fill in the rest of the shape—working backwards toward the bridge of your nose. Similar to winged liner, it’s the sharp point that people notice, Stanislaus says. Always apply your brows looking at the mirror straight on, but swivel your jaw left to right to check the length.