bobbi brown makeup Each workshop is taught by Bobbi Brown's top Makeup Artists,

Bobbi Brown is known for her iconic eye shadow and lipstick, but she's also a makeup artist who has taught workshops around the world. Her latest workshop, "The Bobbi Brown Makeup Masterclass," takes attendees through different makeup looks, from classic to edgy. The class takes place over two days, and participants can expect to leave with a complete makeup kit and new tricks for applying it. Bobbi Brown is known for her legendary makeup and wig collection. She has a workshop series that teaches top makeup artists how to create beautiful looks. Each workshop is taught by Bobbi Brown's top makeup artists, so you can be sure to learn some new tricks. If you're looking to up your beauty game, Bobbi Brown has the perfect workshop for you. The brand's top makeup artists teach one-hour workshops that focus on creative techniques and how to use Bobbi Brown products to achieve specific looks. From natural beauty to glamorous glamour, these sessions have something for everyone.

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