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 Having already raised over $250 million for HIV/AIDS programmes   MAC has teamed up with Caitlyn Jenner!

Caitlyn revealed the partnership on Twitter saying: “Some days I just gotta say… I love that I’m finally free to be me. #TransIsBeautiful”.


She followed this up with: “Oh, and another thing. I’m excited that I’m finally free to talk about my next adventure… #staytuned”. After keeping our beady eyes firmly on her feed, she then revealed, “I’m finally free to announce my partnership with @MACcosmetics! All sales of our lipstick shade, Finally Free, go toward improving transgender communities. Look for it in April! #MACCaitlynJenner”

The gorgeous hue is a natural rosy colour and Caitlyn revealed she opted for this wearable shade so that as many people as possible could wear it, therefore raising as much cash for transgender charities and support groups as possible. She’s not just a pretty face, eh!

Although it’s not out for a few weeks yet, we cannot wait to test it out!


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