Confirmed Ways Of Protecting Your Lips From The Sun

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Most times, it’s easy to just use sunscreen and step out the door feeling like you’ve covered all the bases. One spot a lot of us leave out and probably never remember to consider though is our lips.

A woman’s lips are a very important part of her face. A cracked lips is no one’s favourite, hence, we find the need to constantly keep the lips soft, moisturized and healthy. And then because the skin on the lips is thinner, it is more vulnerable than the rest of the body.

Here’s how to protect your lips from the harmful rays of the sun:

Drink water continuously. Beyond the numerous benefits of water, it also helps protect against UV rays.

Once you notice that your lips have become dry, or is cracked and starts peeling, exfoliate using sugar and olive oil, to get rid of dead cells that have accumulated.


Frequent application of lip balm: Specially made lip balms with an SPF (sun protection factor) of at least 15 are a great choice to moisturise AND protect in one step.


Apply as a base before lipstick. On sunny days, steer clear of shiny lip glosses especially if outside for long periods, and if they are without colour, as they direct UV rays to your lips. If you must use a lip gloss, apply a coloured lipstick first and then add a glossy layer.


Opt for lip products with paraffin or petroleum jelly base to keep your lips constantly moisturized.



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