Custom Foundation Machine from Lancôme

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The beauty company Lancôme has made foundation-mixing machine available to the public for the most bespoke coverage money can buy. The brand’s Le Teint Particulier Custom Foundation, first scans your skin with an innovative device designed for color accuracy. Then, concocting a one-of-a-kind foundation with customized coverage, finish, and level of hydration based on the readings. No matter what your foundation prescription is, the formula is ultra-light, oil-and-fragrance free, and has buildable, satin-finish coverage.

The technology has already been rolled out in the US, with beauty lovers flocking for the mixed-right-before-your-eyes experience. And not just that, you get to walk away with a gorgeous white bottle labeled with your name and foundation ID, which you can reference to have your formula recreated.

Lancôme Teint Particulier will be launching in the UK in June exclusively to Harrods.

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