Dope Ways to Rock Braids With Your Natural Hair

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Dope Ways to Rock Braids With Your Natural Hair

Braids are always a good idea. But not just any braids, cool braids  like those elaborate styles that make people stop and ask for your stylist’s info so they can get the same ones. You psych yourself out of getting certain braided styles because you don’t think you can pull them off.

By Clement Uanseru.


1. Using a skinny, rattail comb, part the back of your hair into a heart shape or any shape of your choice.

2. Section your heart shape into two smaller sections by parting it down the middle.

3. Cornrow your hair into tiny braids that create the shape of a heart.

4. When you’re finished with your tiny cornrows, create one slightly bigger braid that connects both sides and outlines the shape of the heart.

5. To create bantu knots, section your hair into small-to-medium-size sections.

6. Then, sub-section each section into two parts, and start creating a twist.

7. Next, wrap your twist around in a circular motion to create a tight coil. You can secure the coil with a small bobby pin for an even tighter hold.

8. Repeat this step on all sections of your hair.

9. Add another element of fun by adding beads to your bantu knots. Holding the tip of the braid, use a beader to insert each bed onto your hair.

10. Accentuate your edges with a rat-tail comb and a shine gel.




1. Start by sectioning off your hair into four large sections.

2. Create a middle part in the front section of your hair, and braid a diagonal half-braid, stopping at the crown of your head. Repeat the same step on the other side.

3. In the bottom half section of your hair, create a diagonal part (going to the left or right), and braid a tiny braid, followed by a bigger braid going in the same direction.

4. On the opposite side, repeat the same step to create cool alternating braids.

5. Wrap around the ends of each braid in a circular motion to create a tight, coiled bun on each side.4-1-1494532881


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