Dread Up Like Tosyn Bucknor

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While many people shy away from wearing dreadlocks, many others rock them like pop queens. One of such people is Tosyne Bucknor. She is one woman who knows how to rock the dreads in a clean and attractive manner.

A common misconception about dreads is that people who have dreadlocks don’t wash their hair, which is untrue in most cases. Most dreads are formed on purpose by leaving long hair to tangle together as it grows. Making dreadlocks is very easy; all you need do is refraining from brushing, combing or cutting your hair and twisting your strand together.

What to rock cool dreads like this dread queen? Check out these few tips.


Things you should know about dreadlocks

– At first when you’re growing your dreads they probably might be tight hurt you.
– Cover your hair before going to sleep
– Don’t use a normal shampoo, you should use a residue free dreadlock shampoo
– When washing your dreads, soak them well with water in the shower and add a little shampoo and gently work them into dreads
– Make sure you rinse your dreads well
– Squeeze as much of the water out as you can then throw a towel around your neck to soak any leftover moisture and after 15 minutes take towel off and let them dry
– Once your hair is dry, palms roll your dreads. Palm rolling is when you roll the dread back and forth between your palm
– Your dreadlock will knot and tighten easily now with your hair being clean
– Reapply hair wax once or twice a fortnight always after shampooing your hair.



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