Hair Extension Tips for Easier Morning styling

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Brushing ans styling your hair extensions in the morning can be quite  a challenge, especially those that are prone to tangle. On a hectic morning, the last thing you want to worry about is your hair. We asked expert stylists how to wake up with strands that are work-ready (and troubleshoot if they’re not).

 Smooth before you snooze. Apply a serum at night to detangle before you go to bed. In the morning, your hair will be softer and more flexible. Rub a lightweight product which is made with a nutrient-rich blend of protein and conditioning oil, onto dry hair then brush it through.

Use the right brush. An easy fix for frizz and flyaways? use a mixed-bristle brush. Start with short strokes at the ends and work your way up to the mid-shaft, so that you’re not just pushing a knot down to the bottom. Your hair will come back to life as you brush that frizz out.

Scrunch your curls. To refresh flat or droopy curls, just spritz ’em in the a.m. Spray curls with water and squeeze them in an upward motion to revitalize the shape. To add shine, scrunch on a little.

Sidestep creases. To prevent hair dents in the morning, weave hair into a loose braid instead of a ponytail before bed. You’ll have beautiful movement when you take it down.  To hold onto that natural texture, spritz a touchable hairspray. Another way to avoid unwelcome a.m. surprises: Switch to a silk pillowcase. It’s less damaging to the hair because it reduces friction, and therefore breakage. Plus, the smooth surface helps to protect your style. Try silk pillowcase, a worthy hair investment that’ll last.

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