Health Benefits of Banana Flower

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Obviously the most eaten fruits today are bananas, and they can offer many health benefits. But did you know that other parts of the banana plant also can offer many health benefits! that is the banana flower which is large, dark purple-red blossom that rises from the end of a bunch of bananas. The flavour of banana flower is a little starchy and bitter, and is usually consumed as a complement to a dish. Lets see some of the health benefits from banana flowers.

1. Wards Off Infections. Thanks to their ethanol based extracts banana flowers can treat infections, inhibits the increase of pathogenic bacterias. This wonderful flower also helps cure the wounds.



2. Reduces Free Radical Activity. Serious problems can be caused from the presence of free radicals in our body. But because banana flower possess antioxidant properties can handle perfectly with free radicals which cause damages to our body. Despite this can also treat many health issues like premature aging and cancer.



3. Manages Diabetes And Anemia. Regulated consumption of banana flowers can reduce blood sugar levels. The total hemoglobin levels also can be increased in the body. Even so, the hypoglycemic effects of banana flowers, as with antimicrobial activity haven’t proven clinically.



4. Rich Source Of Vitamins And Minerals. The banana flowers are fantastic healthy food with source of healthy nutrients like various vitamins Vitamin A, C, E and they also contain potassium and fibers.


Vitamins And Minerals

5. Boosts Mood And Reduces Anxiety. If you are feeling down and out, instead taking an anti-depressant try banana flowers first. because they contain magnesium can reduce anxiety and boosts the mood. Without any side effects banana flowers are an natural anti depressants.


Boosts Mood

6. Reduces Menstrual Bleeding. Many women are suffering from menstrual pain. Just a cup of cooked banana flowers could help deal with these troubles. Cooked banana flowers in combination with curd or yogurt can increase the progesterone hormone in the body and reduces bleeding.


Menstrual Bleeding

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