How Exercise Boosts Your Beauty

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In addition to using the best anti-ageing treatments and stocking up on skin-loving super-foods, exercise is one of the best ways to look your most beautiful. With regular, moderate exercise, the following benefits can be yours for free!

Exercise boosts circulation:

The effects of poor circulation on skin are numerous. While there are products that can improve circulation, exercise is certainly the most cost-effective way to boost circulation in your entire body. By increasing circulation, exercise improves oxygen and nutrient delivery to the skin. This is especially true of exercise involving large muscle groups (like running, cycling, swimming, and dance).

Exercise lowers levels of stress hormones:

Fortunately, exercise lowers levels of stress hormones and raises levels of endorphins (a.k.a. the “feel-good hormone”), which may be why we feel so relaxed and optimistic after a workout. So instead of reaching for that bottle of wine to help you unwind, why not squeeze in a nice workout? Your skin will thank you.

Exercise restores skin health:

Not only does exercise help skin resist the signs of ageing—it can also reverse them. When we exercise, the body undergoes productive stress (i.e. the breaking down and rebuilding of muscles) and as a result, the body releases a cell-rejuvenating substance called IL-15. The benefits of increased levels of IL-15 extend to both muscles and skin.

Exercise reduces oxidative stress:

Once oxygen has performed its role in the body, it’s broken down into various metabolites, also known as free radicals. When we’re young, free radicals are kept in check by the body’s source of antioxidants, but our own antioxidant systems become less efficient as we age. Fortunately, exercise helps to boost your natural supply of antioxidants.

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