How To Conquer Embarrassing Heavy Sweat

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Excessive sweating can be embarrassing and can make one uncomfortable and reduce confidence levels. It can be very annoying and frustrating especially after dressing up and the sun, other external factors or internal body heat causes you to appear at work or an event with sweat patches under your arms.bld064885

Here are some tips to help prevent excessive sweating: – Reduce your caffeine intake. A strong coffee drink can be great but also can stimulate sweat glands.

Cut down on your vices. Lose some weight, cut down on smoking, alcohol consumption.

Shave the underarms and groin region regularly.

Layered dressing can also help. Wearing an absorbent camisole top, dress shields underneath your dress or blouse can help soak up some of the sweat.

Never forget to carry wipes, handkerchiefs and/or face towels.

Avoid clothes made with synthetic fabrics, opt for more natural, lightweight and breathable fabrics like cotton.

Choose the right deodorants/antiperspirants. Also, in applying these, find out the time that works for you. Most times, nights are preferable as sweat production is lowest at night and the active ingredients gets to go down into the sweat duct and clog it.

Applying it in the mornings might not be effective as often times you are already on the move and the sweat volume is higher, thereby washing away the product without giving it time to clog the sweat duct.

You can also opt for antiperspirants with higher clinical strength as they have higher concentration of active ingredients.

When you can, reapply your deodorants/antiperspirants in the middle of the day.

Do not wear already wet or moist dresses. To stay dry, you need to start out dry (with dry clothes).

Pay attention to your foot wear. A lot of people have to deal with feet infection which is often caused by moistness in the foot wears, Wear dry shoes/stockings and avoid already wet, moist foot wears.

There are several ways to keep your footwear dry, such as: wearing shoes that fit, choosing shoes with breathable fabrics, sun drying the shoes, using baby powder on your feet before wearing the shoes.

Sweating excessively could be a symptom of a much more serious health condition, so you should consult your doctor.


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