How to Grow Your Edges Back and Keep Them Healthy

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Got thinning edges?  Here are some tips to help them grow back and maintain healthy edges for the long-term.

Sleep in a Satin Cap or Use a Satin Pillowcase

Going to sleep on a cotton pillow without protection is a no-no for women with kinky hair. Our hair is naturally drier and more brittle than other textures of hair, so we need to protect our tresses when we sleep.  Cotton absorbs the oils in our hair, and when we move throughout the night the friction against the pillow pulls and snags at our hair.

Yes, yes, I know.  Scarves and satin caps aren’t for everyone.  If you feel like someone’s grandma in a head wrap, simply upgrade your bedding with satin pillow cases. Your edges will thank you!

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Rub Castor Oil on Them

Castor oil is a maaaah-velous potion for natural hair.  Not only is it a great sealant, but it’s also wonderful for thinning hair… even eyebrows! Massage some oil into your edges about an hour before bed. Our bodies repair during sleep, so that’s why this is an optimal time. Just make sure you give it time to absorb.

Use slow, circular motions. Not only does this stimulate blood flow and help with growth, but it ensures the oil is penetrating. Don’t forget to wrap your hair up at night. Otherwise you’ll negate the benefits of the oil.


Watch Those Headbands

If you are going to wear a headband, buy the ones made of satin/silk.  Headbands have a tendency to move/slide around the temples, and the cotton or harsher fabrics can snag at the hair. Not to mention, cotton absorbs the oil and can dry your edges out making them prone to breakage.

Do a Scalp Massage

Not only can you massage your edges when you are using castor oil, but you can also take a minute out of your day (twice a day is recommended) to massage thinning edges without any product. Again, this stimulates blood flow and is always great for optimal hair growth.

Try a Treatment Mask

Pay special attention to your edges and make sure they are coated when applying. To make it extra effective, put on a plastic cap and sit under a dryer for 30 minutes while wearing the mask. No dryer?  No problem. Just wet a wash cloth with warm water and place it under the cap.  This will create a steam-like environment for conditioning.

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Moisturize Regularly

This probably goes without saying, but it’s crucial to keep your edges moisturized.  Because they are often the most delicate part of the hair, moisturizers will keep them healthy. When moisturizing your hair, it’s easy to skim over the edges, but make sure you coat them and re-apply when dry.

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Stop Damaging Habits

Chemicals, harsh brushes, glues, hair dye, and tight extensions can wreak havoc on your edges.  The tight extensions can really do a lot of damage because this may lead to Alopecia — which is sometimes irreversible. If you don’t cease the actions that cause your damage, there really is little point in trying to grow them back. You’ll be caught in one vicious cycle that ends in them breaking off or further recession of your hairline.

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