Kylie Jenner’s Second Koko Collection launches

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Kylie Jenner has picked today, the 31st of May, as the ideal day to launch her new Kylie cosmetics collection. The twist? It’s the Koko collection’s second coming—as in, her collaboration with her older half-sister Khloe Kardashian—and things are completely different this time around.

With no word on the pricing yet, the duo released the news with a very hands-on shot of Kylie and Khloe, featuring the two embracing on a hot red-orange background—the same color that’s on their lips, one of the prettiest shades from the new four-piece collection coming. Once you get past the press photo though, the swatches are really good.

Check below for pictures of Kylie and her lips colors.

kylie Sugar plum 5-31SUGAR PLUM

Kylie baby girl 5-31BABY GIRL

kylie doll round 2DOLL kylie Bunny 5-31BUNNY


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