Make Up For First Date

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It’s your first date and you must look your best. After you choose your dress and accessories, the next big thing is makeup. If you get this right, there’s nothing like it. Here are a few tips on how to put on makeup for your first date.

Go for a bright lip colour depending on the dress you choose to wear. If you are choosing a bright lip colour go for a subtle-coloured dress. Also, use a concealer to brighten up the area around the lip.

A subtle foundation depending on your skin colour will do the trick. Apply it evenly and make your skin tone look natural. Use a concealer to cover up dark circles.

Use an illuminator on your brows, cheeks and jaws. This will help you avoid a dead-pan look!

Ensure that you apply mascara before you start with eye make up. Don’t go for smoky eyes or dark colours. We suggest you go for something neutral which will enhance your natural beauty .

 Use a brow pencil to make your brow look thick.
 A shimmery cheek will look good. Go for colours like pink, peach and bronze.
 Style your hair depending on your makeup. Don’t overdo it.

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