Makeup Tips That Take The Age Off

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What do you see when you look in the mirror? Do the fine lines and wrinkles on your face jump out at you? Maybe you see the beginning of the dreaded “frownies.” Or perhaps you’re among those who embrace these lines as signs of growing old gracefully. Our skin goes through changes as we age. It begins to lose its fatty layer, collagen and elastin, robbing mature skin of its moisture, plumpness and elasticity. That means our skin becomes dry and our face can begin to appear hollow and saggy. The makeup tools and tricks you used in your 30s won’t benefit you in your 40s and may even make you appear older if you go decade after decade without updating your look. While cosmetic procedures can lift, tuck and turn back the clock, there are simple makeup tricks you can do at home, from keeping your skin hydrated to brightening up your look. Let’s start with emphasizing your apples.

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Want to bring back your youthful glow? Emphasize your apples. And by apples we mean cheeks. And by cheeks we mean the ones on your face. It’s easy to find the apples of your cheeks: smile and they’ll show themselves. As we age our face begins to hollow, and emphasizing the apples can help draw attention to the fullness of your face, as well as appear to give your cheeks a bit of a lift. If you suffer from dry skin, consider trying a cream blush instead of a powder. Oily-skinned ladies have both powder and cheek stain options for their best results. Apply blush with a light touch. You’re goal is to give your face a healthy flush, not draw attention to your makeup.

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One of the smartest things you can buy for your makeup bag is a good moisturiser. And, actually, you may want a few. First, everyone should have a light, moisturizing day cream — look for one that is specially designed for the face, and one that contains SPF to help hydrate your skin and minimize sun damage. Apply it after your morning shower and before you apply any makeup. (If you forgo concealer, look for a moisturizer that is tinted to help even out your skin tone.) A good facial moisturizer can also double as a good eye cream, but if you’re worried about minimizing fine lines and wrinkles or reducing dark circles, pick up an eye cream designed to treat those problem areas.

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It’s not your imagination — your lips are getting thinner. With every year that passes, we lose a little more collagen- a protein in our body that keeps lips, among other bits and pieces, plump. Lips that are soft, smooth and plump are lips that will lie about how old you really are. Without reverting to the dreaded trout pout, you can increase your lips’ natural fullness while keeping dryness and flakiness under control by using lipsticks and balms that contain hydrating ingredients such as shea butter, avocado oil or jojoba oil. And whether you prefer lipstick or lip balm, be sure to choose one with SPF to help protect your pucker from sun damage.

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The skin around our eyes is normally thin, but as we age it begins to lose its elasticity and plumpness. What that can result in is skin around the eyes looking translucent — dark circles appear darker, and blood vessels may show through. This can make you appear tired and can add years to your face. Erase those circles and other under-eye imperfections with a thick eye cream and a yellow-based under-eye concealer. First, lightly apply an eye cream to help hydrate your skin (and help keep wrinkles at bay). Then apply an under-eye concealer that is one shade lighter than your skin tone. Voila, look at your peepers now.

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As we age, our skin naturally becomes thinner — a result of our birthdays and years of sun damage over our lifetime. As we age, the fatty layer in our skin gets thinner, the elastin and collagen breaks down, and our eyes begin to look a little more hollow and wrinkled. And our skin begins to lose its luster and appears dull. To return a lovely glow to your skin, try using makeup that contains light-reflecting ingredients, or try a mineral makeup. And to camouflage any dark areas under your eyes — and the inner corner — consider using a yellow-toned concealer to offset not only dark circles but also any bothersome brown spots as well.




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