Male Grooming for a Shoot

Are you a man and you are worried about how to groom for a photo shoot? Well, here’s how to achieve a great makeup look as shown to us by Dave Sucre.

1….Clean face with a facial wipe or baby wipe.

2…Moisturise the face and prime with a mattifying face primer.

3….Use a concealer under the eye to eliminate dark circles.

4….Powder the entire face to even out skin tone and eliminate shine.

5….Brush the brows to keep them well arranged.

6….Brush hair properly with a hair brush or an old toothbrush.

7….Comb or brush beards with either a comb, hair brush or old toothbrush depending on the length and texture of hair.

8….Apply very little lip balm to eliminate dryness. Make sure it’s not too much so that your lips don’t look glossy.

9….Use your favorite make-up setting spray to set the entire face and add a little moisture to the skin leaving it looking dewy and healthy.

By Dave Sucre