Male Skin Grooming Guide

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Male Skin Grooming Guide

Beautiful men make no qualms about keeping their skin in tip top shape. To maintain the perpetual heartthrob status, the following routine has to be followed:

1. Cleanse. In the morning and at night before bed. If you have an oily face, make sure to always have a travel sized men’s face wash mid day to remove pools of oil. It’s imperative to know your skin type before purchasing any products to know which is most appropriate.


2. Exfoliate. Do this at least thrice weekly. Those who shave regularly should definitely adhere to this rule; bearded men too. Unless your skin is prone to acne and dead skin cell build up, it’s best to use a face scrub prior to and after shaving. This will help loosen the hair and bring any ingrown hair above the surface - allowing for a cleaner shave.


3. Moisturize regularly. Many men should substitute body lotions for actual moisturizer - if you haven’t already. These products usually contain harsh irritants that aren’t suitable for your face and may just be the reason for your frequent breakouts. If you shave regularly, you should substitute with a men’s natural aftershave, as the special anti-septic ingredients of an aftershave will help prevent post shave inflammation, while keeping your skin nourished. Avoid alcoholic aftershave as they are well known skin irritants.

Since black men’s skin is much more sensitive to irritation, you’ll want to avoid harsh chemicals and toxins found in most brands.

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