Mark Carrasquillo’s Five Days of Disco Beauty!

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From Glitter eyes tom high shine lips:  Disco is back, flatforms are the new platforms, and Halston and Warhol: Silver and Suede is on at the Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh. The late-’70s influence has been quietly making its way back into fashion for a few seasons now—but this week, it’s the sexed-up, exuberant glamour of era It-girls like Pat Cleveland, and Patti Hansen that have us rethinking our makeup look. With their tawny skin, bright lips, and kaleidoscopic eyes, they redefined the concept of American beauty at the end of the decade by embracing what the makeup artist Mark Carrasquillo calls “the hedonistic, pleasure-seeking aspects of color. It wasn’t about hiding flaws. It was personality and sexuality. It was about having fun.”    That playful, irreverent attitude feels especially right in the summertime, when the easy sensuality of long days and hot nights casts everything in a languid haze. With that in mind, we’ve asked Carrasquillo to create five modern riffs on the era’s beauty signatures—from glitter eyes and high-gloss lips to extreme disco lashes—that give new meaning to the term Saturday night fever.  

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1 Comment

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