Micellar Wipes That Will Change the Way You Wash Your Face

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Micellar Wipes That Will Change the Way You Wash Your Face

Micellar water is becoming wildly popular it cleanses, removes makeup and even hydrates all without water. It does involve pouring liquid on a cotton pad, however,in the age that’s too much for some people to do. So now micellar water is being married with cleansing wipes. You get the benefits of the micellar water in the convenience of a towelette. If you’re a lazy person, it’s the only cleanser or moisturizer you’ll need. And if you’re the one that likes heavy makeup wearer, micellar wipes are sure to become your favorite way to take it off. There’s one for every skin type and need. Here are some that you can get to feel the effect.

By Clement Uanseru.

Best For Sensitive Skin

These wipes are incredibly soft and fragrance free, making them ideal for even the most irritation-prone skin.

simpleBest for Deep Cleaning

These remove every last speck of makeup, dirt and oil because of it’s magnetic micelles yet leave skin feeling soft and hydrated.

garnier_skinactive_micellar_makeup_removing_towelettes_skin_care_packshotBest for Your Gym Bag

These are great for eyes, face and body and the resealable pouch helps them stay fresh.


Best for A.M.

When your skin needs a quick refresh in the morning, these are your right choice. They’re smaller than a traditional wipe yet just as refreshing.


Best for Oily Skin

These wipes are packed with tea tree oil, willow extract and salicylic acid to fight breakouts.







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