Milk Makeup’s Blur Stick Campaign Celebrates the Beauty of Gender Fluidity

Milk Makeup just debuted its #BlurTheLines campaign, a collaboration with David Yi of Very Good Light that celebrates gender fluidity. Very Good Light, if you’re not yet familiar, is a men’s beauty and grooming site dedicated to redefining masculinity. Technically, the campaign revolves around the Blur Stick we mentioned, but the real stars are the seven individuals in the campaign: Avie Acosta, Dagsen Steele Love, Eric Stone Carson, Eddie LeRoy, Jr., Rayne Nadurata, Marcelo Gutierrez, and Madeleine Vintback. Some are straight, others are not. Some are genderless. Some are trans. All are people, and all of them blur the gender lines on some level. They fall between ages 16 and 26, and are members of the age group dubbed Generation Z.