Monalisa Chinda: The Beauty Finds Love Again

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After two infamous and unsuccessful relationships, Nollywood star, Monalisa Chinda –Coker who got married again recently opened up on finding new love after she had almost given up.

The show presenter shares her emotional journey to finding love again in the arms of her childhood love Victor Tonye Coker after her very public divorce.

The gorgeous mother of one tells it all in the May 2016 Issue of Genevieve MagazineMonalisa-gennt-cover

She says “Truthfully I had categorised all men as the same useless idiots (pardon my French). I am happy that I feel differently now. Marriage is always a better option for any woman who is single in this country. Forget 30, once you attain 35 and counting, men in this country call you a dead engine,’ she squealed to the magazine.

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