Most Effective Ways To Prevent Stretch Marks

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The scars that appear on your skin due to sudden changes in body size are stretch marks. This is common at puberty, pregnancy, rapid weight gain or loss. Genetic predisposition can increase your likelihood of developing stretch marks. Over stretching of skin does that too. Taking some preventive measures are important here.

These are the five most effective ways to prevent stretch marks;


  1. Staying hydrated: Endeavour to drink at least two litres of water every day. This not only hydrates your skin, but also keeps it supple and maintain elasticity. Your skin layers become less prone to tearing with this simple act.


  1. Using castor oil packs: This is every expectant mother’s best friend. To prevent stretch marks, apply a thick layer of castor oil on your skin, wrap the area with plastic wrap and apply heat with a heating pad or hot water bottle for at least twenty minutes. Do this several times a week.


  1. Moisturizing with oil blends: Create some interesting oil blends by combining different essential and base oils and using them to moisturize your skin thus, combine one cup each of olive oil and coconut oil, add four tablespoons of vitamin E oil and the contents of six vitamin A capsules and regularly massage your skin with the mixture.


  1. Sticking to Vitamin E: Try sticking to vegetables high in vitamin E such as spinach and pumpkins. As a powerful antioxidant, this vitamin is protects the collagen fibers in your skin from damage.


  1. Applying coconut oil: Rub coconut oil generously on your skin; massage the area to aid absorption into the skin. Do this twice daily. You can also use cocoa butter, olive oil and avocado oil as substitutes for coconut oil.


Surely, stretch marks won’t come any closer with these routines.

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