Nail hacks: how to dry your nails quickly

Nail art is a beautiful thing but waiting for nail polish to dry can be the most annoying parts of nail art. We’re here to give you life changing hacks and tricks to shorten the drying time of your nail polish:

Try your very best to use thinner coats of nail polish. If you are painting your nails with only one or two thick coats of polish, it may be too thick to dry properly. Instead, paint three or more very thin coats of polish, allowing 3 minutes between each coat. Although it may sound like it will take longer, the total time will be less than the long waiting period you suffer with thick coats.

Finish up with a fast drying topcoat.

Those clear top coats of nail polish are popular for a reason. They help your nails to dry speedy fast. Finish off your nail polish with a fast-drying clear topcoat. Not only will it help the polish to dry faster, it will protect it longer from chipping.

Dip your nails in ice water.

Nail polish dries when it encounters cool temperatures, so try freeze-drying your polish in place by using ice water. Before painting your nails, fill a bowl with cold water and some ice cubes. Straight after painting your nails, submerge your nails in the icy water for 2-3 minutes.

Use your hair dryer.

Your blow dryer is great for drying your hair, so why wouldn’t it also work on your nails? Adjust your dryer to the coolest setting, and blast your nails with the cold air. Using warm or hot air will soften the polish and keep it from drying.

Mist your nails with cooking spray. Although it may sound strange, a can of non-stick cooking spray in your kitchen cupboard works great for drying nail polish quickly. As soon as your nails have a top coat, spray them completely with your cooking spray. Let it sit for a minute or two, and then wash your hands of the oil.