Natural Ways To Make Your Eyes Sparkling White

Every woman desires to have those sparkling white eyes, as they go a long way to make her very pretty. Some of us often wonder why we don’t have those pretty white eyes and how best we can get them. Well, let’s be realistic here; getting those white eyes naturally is possible. So asides from daily congestion of Carrots, below are four other ways you can get clear eyes:

Keeping the eyes hydrated: this is a sure way to achieving this. The eyes should always be moist thus, splashing the eyes with room-temperature water daily would help get rid of those dull and tired eyes.

Eye exercise; This helps to eye off eye straining thereby improving blood circulation. Moving a pencil vertically and horizontally in front of the eyes and keeping them focused on the tip of the pen for ten to fifteen minutes daily is one good eye exercise. Another is to shut and squeeze the eyes tightly, quickly open widely repeatedly, until water begins to come out from the eyes.

Use of strawberry, potato and cucumber slices: These have been known to work wonders for the eyes over the years. Place strawberry, potato or cucumber slices on your eyes and see the brightening magic they perform. These also help to reduce puffiness and dark circles. Refrigerating these slices for ten to twenty minutes before placing on closed eyes until they become warm, would do too. Wash your face after this.

Tea Bags: These could be either olive, green or black tea bags. These contain antioxidant properties that help to reduce the swelling of the eyes. To achieve this, steep two tea bags in a mug of hot water for five minutes, remove from water, squeeze out excess water and place in the refrigerator for ten minutes or more.

Then place tea bags on the eyes for five minutes. Remember to wash your face when you are done.