Perfect Ways To Line Your Lips

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Welcome back from the weekend. Hope it was quite splendid? However, check out this better way of getting a smoother lips and preparing it for the lipsticks/lip stains. And I will share my tips with you now…

The first step is to fix your dried and chapped lips by exfoliating using brown sugar (or any other sugar) paste. This is necessary for a clean base.

It is important for the lip pencil to be kept sharp at all times for a better outcome.

Sketch on your lips rather than draw for a clean line. You can either make your lips look fuller or thinner all you have to do is: For a fuller lip, sketch with a pencil and for a thinner lip, use your foundation afterwards to create an illusion.

A lip brush is what you need to apply your lipstick correctly because it creates a stain that makes lipstick application clean.

Pat very little translucent powder on your lip using a powder foam, this would keep the lipstick in check.

** Lining your lips is easy, all you need is a sharp pencil and practice.

Note, remember to line your lips with a colour that suites your lipstick shade; keep the colour down so that when it wears down it would not look different.

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