Preferred Summer Lip Colors

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Preferred Summer Lip Colors

It’s almost summer-time. This means it’s fair for you to start switching out your beauty routine.

Two-tone Brights; To add even more dimension to your lip color, swipe on a slightly darker color on your top lip than your bottom lip. For example, pair a cherry red M.A.C lipstick on top and bright pink on the bottom. Line with a red pencil first.


Cherry red; To tone down deep red lips with a glossy finish, blot a cherry red lip shade with a fuchsia blush over and over again to achieve an electric matte effect. For a classic red, check out Shiseido’s Rouge Lipsticks.

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Dusty Pink; This is an ideal color you can wear every day. You can get this shade by getting the new Maybelline Color Sensational Creamy Matte Lip color.

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Deep Plum; The plum-colored pout contrasted with a bright dye job is best for your next night out. Get this supersaturated finish from Pat McGrath’s gothy plum and layer over and over again. Add a hint of lip gloss for that vinyl finish.

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Lipstick product


Electric Orange; If you’re tired of sweeping on the same old muted palette, a vibrant orange color is always a fun shade to opt for. It pairs well with brighter summer hues.

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Clear Gloss; You can choose a fresh faced look by opting for a plumping gloss like sheen as Makeup Forever’s HD Lip Booster.

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