Prevent and Cure Chapped Lips

One of the most unattractive things is dry and chapped lips, and the ways to prevent and cure them are not rocket science; want soft and beautiful lips? read through the tips below.

  • Places slices of cucumber on your lips, for five minutes to moisturize it.
  • Exfoliate with a homemade mix of honey and sugar, and scrub with a toothbrush.
  • Avoid licking your lips, as it dries it out even more; saliva contains acids that break down food, but they also irritate your lips.
  • Breathe through your nose rather than your mouth.
  • Carry a lip balm everywhere you go, pockets and bags.
  • Use lipsticks that contain vitamin E and shea butter.
  • Stay away from spicy foods and citrus juice if your lips are sore or chapped.
  • If  your lips are sunburned, use aloe vera.
  • Drink a lot of water and stay hydrated.