Safe & Simple Ways To Remove Make-Up

At the end of a long, exhausting day, it might be tempting to jump into bed without removing make-up. Leaving make-up on the face overnight can cause lashes to dry out and break, clog pores and lead to breakouts. There are plenty alternatives for removing your make-up that can be just as speedy as they are beneficial for your skin. Try one of these methods of removing make-up when next you want to remove your make-up and wake up with a refreshed, happy skin.

Baby Wipes: Baby wipes can make for an ultra-hydrating alternative, they’re gentle enough for a baby’s tush, so it only makes sense that they’re not too harsh for our skin.

Baby Oil: Baby oil is a gentle make-up remover. Just like coconut oil, it can remove the make-up that just doesn’t want to part ways with your face. As an added bonus, a little goes a long way, so you’ll appreciate how much baby oil can save you in the long run.

Coconut oil: Coconut oil will break down the most stubborn, water-resistant make-up without a ton of scrubbing and pulling at your face. it’s known for being a great moisturizer. Massage a quarter-sized amount into your palms and gently rub it onto your face or use your coconut oil on cotton pads.

Baking soda and honey: The combination of baking soda and honey makes a paste that is not only a cleanser but an exfoliator too. Add a little honey onto your wash cloth and a dash of baking soda on top to take off your make-up. No need to scrub hard — the baking soda already exfoliates the skin as you rub it in, complete the process by rinsing your face. You’ll feel refreshed and your face will likely smell.