Skincare 101: Know The Best Skin Care Routine For You

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This is a major question that always pops up amongst every individual regardless of their sex, age, skin tone and ethnicity.

People are beginning to be more enlightened about their skin type and what to apply, but with the vast availability of products here and there it’s quite difficult choosing the right products or better still following the right routine.

For example, you do not want to end up using a cream indicated for night time during the day because trust me you might end up doing your skin more harm than good!

Just like medications, skincare products should be used properly in the right quantity and for the right reasons in order to get the best benefit from a particular product without overdoing it or harming your skin in the process.

Before choosing a product you could go online and check reviews on such products, there will always be someone with a similar skin type who has used it and has some positive or negative remarks.

You could also seek advice from your skin care professional before you start using new products, or ask for samples before purchasing products and test a patch of your skin in a hidden area (inner arms for instance) before going full throttle with it.

It’s also advisable to adjust your skincare routine according to the weather or during hormonal fluctuations. Some people tend to breakout before their monthly cycle in which you can temporarily switch to a salicylic acid-based cleanser to keep the breakouts under control, and for those living in countries where they experience constant weather change, (winter for instance) it’s advisable to get a more intense moisturizer because of the cold winds which tend to dry out the skin.

Here are some tips to consider when making a skincare routine:

General tips. If you have a dry skin type, your products should have more moisturizing properties.

If you have a sensitive skin, your products should be more natural based and very gentle.

For oily skin types go for products that are oil free.

Morning: * Always cleanse your face and neck properly with a face cleanser (not body soaps as this tends to disrupt the facial PH.)

* Follow with an antioxidant serum as this helps to protect the skin from damage by free radicals caused by environmental pollution and the UV rays.

* Follow with a sunscreen with adequate SPF (sun protection factor)


Night: * Cleanse! Ladies don’t even think of going to bed without removing your make up, it only takes a few minutes.

The skin repairs and rejuvenates itself during the night time and it’s essential your skin should be able to breathe at night.

* Use a night crème that contains retinol.  It is a vitamin A derivative and helps in delaying the aging process. * Always exfoliate two to three times a week, to remove accumulated dead skin cells. This keeps your complexion bright, glowing and youthful, and allows the nutrients in your products to penetrate better.


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