The Upside Down Eyemakeup Trend

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For as long as we can remember the norm has been to place liners and shadows on the upper lids for the most part, the roles are now being reversed. A new trend of positively gorgeous eyes, where a reverse smoky eye is not something to just gawk at but to appreciate. The under the eye eyeliner look is great for those with fuller lower lids as well and the upside down cat-eye certainly has major allure.

What makes the upside down eye makeup look intriguing? It is drawn on solely on the bottom lid, worn under the eye, instead of having anything over. We have seen this on the runways with eyeliners especially, but it extends to shadows and glitter as well. We have seen celebrities with pops of silver or lines of blue appearing on the red carpet on talk shows. It is so simple and has just the right amount of zing to capture and keep the attention of onlookers.Reverse Cat Eye Makeup Trend

How to do the upside-down makeup?

1. Start with prepping your eyes and cleaning up your brows with liner, primer and concealer.

2. Bone-colored shadow will come in very handy to blend over the top of the lid, where it meets the brow line.

3. Your top lid will not be left without a touch-up either. Adding definition with a slightly darker but neutral shade would be just perfect.

4. Start with a neutral or black liner on the lower lid, flicking it out slightly. Add in some darker eyeshadow and soften the liner nicely before using a lighter shadow to blend the color out. The more dramatic you want to make the look, the more product you should be using.

5. Add in your mascara as you normally would and voila! You have given yourself a gorgeous reverse eye dramatisation.How to Wear the Reverse Cat Eye Makeup Trend

You can play with different types of reverse eye makeup, from the reverse smoky to the reverse cat eye look.

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