Three 4C Natural Hair Bloggers You HAVE to Follow

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Three 4C Natural Hair Bloggers You HAVE to Follow

Most people have the illusion that African 4C hair is one of the most difficult textures of hair to take care of. This is mostly due to us not being able to take care of it. We’ve never had the patience to learn about our hair and take care of it the way it deserves to be taken care of. Which is what leads to the shrinkage, breakage, coarseness, and basically everything else we attribute to 4c hair just being “ugly”. We’ve got some majorly good news for you though, because we’ve compiled a list of 4c natural hair bloggers that will help you with your natural hair journey.

First up on our list is My Natural Sistas

my natural sistas

This is a trio of real life sisters (adorable, we know), who have pretty much changed the hair game. On their channel, they cover most aspects of the natural hair journey, from how to wash your hair, to how to condition and moisturize it, to how to get a twist out fit for the gods.

Next up is NaturallyTemi

naturally temi

Next up is Temitope Adesina, more commonly known by her Instagram handle and blogger name, NaturallyTemi. She is a social media sensation, with up to a hundred and ten thousand followers on Instagram, and nearly 25k subscribers on Youtube. She is a self proclaimed natural hair enthusiast and has been natural for 5 years. Just look at that epic twist out, need we say more?


Chime Edwards


I think it’s time we all admitted that Chime Edwards is our hair goals. Her tutorials are always amazing, whether they’re in depth or basic beginners level.


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